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CRM Platform

Customer Data Platform, Analytics, Campaigns, and more

An Integrated Sales and Marketing Platform

Data Square's CRM Square is a customer data platform, CRM software, reporting dashboard, predictive analytics engine and campaign management tool rolled into one. With its interconnected modules, this enterprise-level marketing automation solution transforms disparate data, provides actionable insights, predicts outcomes and enables closed-loop omnichannel campaigns and communications.

Data Management

The Database module includes a custom designed multi-layer database with real-time or batch data integration, hygiene and data marts.

– Custom Database Design
– Identity Creation
– Multi-source Data Integration
– Data Hygiene, Address & Email Hygiene
– Data Enhancement & Radius Append
– Data Quality and Anomaly Detection
– Sophisticated Data Transformation
– Reporting, Campaign, Analytic Data Marts

Contact Management

The Contact module empowers sales, customer service and fundraising teams with relevant data, personalized recommendations and list pull functionality along with task management and reporting.

– Lookup feature with  contact details, past purchases, demographics, preferences, and wishlists.
– List pull functionality to create contactable lists based on prior purchases and wish lists.
– Email deployment functionality to enable sales associates to send out targeted communications.
– Product-level Recommendations based on back-end analytics to propose coordinated offerings.
– Customer-level Recommendations for offer, treatment, message and next logical product.
– Task Management and Reporting for assigning, monitoring and improving sales performance.

Reporting and BI

The report module is an enterprise reporting application powered by a Measurement Strategy, Report Library, and ad-hoc report functionality:
– User friendly GUI
– Multi-table join and complex selections
– Filtering and Aggregation
– Charts, Graphs, and Tables
– Multiple export options
– Public and private report folders
– Advanced scheduling and email notification

Advanced Analytics

The Analytics module includes a suite of custom-developed models and segmentation schemes designed to optimize campaigns.
– Analytic Data Mart Development
– Custom Models & Segmentation
– Dynamic Model Scoring Engine
– Automated EDA
– On-demand Model Profiles
– Automated Model Diagnostics

Campaign Management

The Campaign module is an Enterprise Campaign Automation platform designed to create and evaluate complex multi-channel and multi-wave campaigns such as direct mail, email, text, and phone.

– Complex selections and multi-level joins
– Filtering, sort, and random selection
– Weighted control groups & sampling
– Sophisticated segmentation options
– Advanced scheduling & email notification
– Automated export to ftp, web, email
– Campaign evaluation on multiple dimensions and metrics.

Extract Management

The Extract module is designed to pull one-time or recurring data extracts using complex selections from a CRM database that integrates, cleanses, and links disparate data sources to create a single entity.
– Complex selections and multi-level joins
– Filtering, sort and random selection
– Sophisticated segmentation options
– Multiple export options
– Advanced scheduling and email notification
– Automated publishing via email and sftp
– Advanced trigger-based extracts from CRM

Email Marketing

An integrated closed-loop digital application for creation, execution and evaluation of email, mobile, social media, and web campaigns.
– Personalization and Dynamic Content
– Spam probability Testing and Scheduling
– Automated Multivariate Testing
– Social Engagement Tracking
– Closed Loop Integration with CRM/Db
– CRM and Data-driven Trigger Campaigns
– Integrated Reporting on Email and CRM Metrics

Strategic Consulting

Strategic consulting to customize the platform based on business goals, planned campaigns, and available assets
– CRM Roadmap
– Data Model & Data Mart Design
– Data Strategy
– Metrics Strategy
– Advanced Analytics Strategy
– Enterprise Testing Strategy
– Campaign Strategy & Review
– Digital and Social Integration Strategy

CRM Resources

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