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Data Square's team members have published in leading industry journals and newspapers. A key example is the bestseller, "The Data Mining Cookbook".  Other examples are shown below.


Analytics, Modeling and Data Mining

  • Basic Modeling Techniques - Linear and Logistic Regression
  • Cooking up Gourmet Models
  • Combining Primary and Secondary Data in B-t-B Applications: A Case Study
  • Correlated Variables: Harnessing The Power Of The 'Taboo' Predictors
  • Data Mining for Data Warehousing
  • Data Mining for Direct Mail - A Case Study
  • Data Mining in Direct Marketing
  • Data Mining in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • DbM Analytics that will Change your Perspective of Marketing
  • Design for Developing a Health Risk Assessment and Resource Forecasting Model
  • Developing a Financial Strategy for Risk-Based Contracts in a Primary Care Clinician Program
  • Factor Analysis
  • Incorporating Marketing Options Into Traditional Segmentation Models
  • Lifetime Value Modeling: The Most Valuable Metric
  • Lifetime Value to Boost ROI
  • Linear and Logistic Regression
  • Mathematical Programming Model for Natural Gas Liquid Pipeline Scheduling
  • Market Basket Analysis: Formulating a cogent cross-selling strategy with Associative Modeling
  • Modeling Lifetime Value in the Insurance Industry - A Case Study
  • Modeling With Neural Networks: A Gentle Introduction
  • Non-Technical Tour of Predictive Modeling
  • NPV Modeling for Direct Mail Insurance
  • Performance of some Estimators in Covariance Structure Models with Non-normal data - A Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Predictive Modeling - Science or Art?
  • Primary Research & Traditional Segmentation Techniques: An Integration Case History
  • Response Modeling
  • Specification searches in Covariance Structure Models
  • Successful Data Mining Techniques for Database Marketing
  • Statistical Presentations Using the Power of PROC TABULATE
  • The Power of PROC TABULATE in Statistical Presentations
  • Targeting Prospects for Maximum Profitability Using Lifetime Value
  • The Nature, Prevalence, And Benefits of Suppression Effects In Direct Response Segmentation Models
  • Web Data Mining: Concepts through Implementation
  • Why Predictive Models Don't Live Up to Expectations

Data Warehousing

  • Building ROI: One Brick at a Time
  • Data Warehousing for Data Mining -A Case Study
  • Technology Position Paper: Data Warehousing and Decision Support

Strategy and Business Intelligence

  • Building A Better Contact Strategy- Who should I touch? How Often? With What Message? And through what channel?
  • Creative Strategies for Acquiring Customers: A B-to-B Success Story
  • Defining & Reducing Your Brand's White Space: A B-to-B Competitive Advantage
  • How Market Research can Enhance One-to-One Marketing
  • Techniques for Using Market Research in Conjunction with a Marketing Database

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