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 Marketing Database with Db360 Square 

Data Square helps companies create the building block for deriving customer intelligence via Db360 Square, a fully hosted marketing database solution that includes a custom multi-level and multi-layer relational data model with robust data integration from multiple sources. A combination of de-normalized and normalized data marts are used to optimize performance of downstream applications. Each of the services shown below are available both separately and as part of the integrated solution.

  • Address and Data Hygiene
    • Standardization, Conversions, and Parsing
    • Postal Hygiene (CASS, DPV, LACS, NCOA, Fraud)
    • Email Hygiene, Email Append and ECOA
    • Householding, De-duplication and Merge/Purge
    • Data Quality and Cleansing
  • Customer Data Integration
    • Transformations - changes in field attributes to optimize usage
    • Derivations - creation of new fields
    • Summarizations - roll-ups to various levels.
  • Data Enhancement - B2B and B2C
    • Demographics, Firmographics, Email Append, Telephone Append, Address Append, etc.
  • Custom Data Marts
    • Reporting Data Marts - Multiple Universe Sub-sets to increase query efficiency.
    • Campaign Data Marts - Special fields for promotable universes by channel.
    • Analytic Data Marts - Customer-level Roll-ups for modeling and segmentation.
    • Clienteling Data Mart - Sales Associate splits and indexing to enhance search
Learn more about Data Square's Integrated Marketing Platform, CRM Square.

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