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 Integrated Marketing Platform - CRM Square 

Data Square's signature solution CRM Square serves as an enterprise-level hosted marketing database with a set of interconnected modules available piecemeal or as an Integrated Marketing Platform designed to provide actionable insight and a customer communication strategy for the business.

The underlying intelligence of CRM Square is strategic consulting from industry thought-leaders and Db360 Square an enterprise marketing and sales database that provides a consistent and 360 degree view of the customer. Report Square is used to generate insights from the database, Model Square to predict future behavior, Campaign Square to create and evaluate complex multi-channel corporate campaigns, and Digital Square to manage and deploy email, text, social media, RSS, and other digital campaigns within a closed-loop integration module.

This proprietary and affordable platform is designed to pay for itself in less than 12 months by generating a 5% to 50% lift in attributes such as Customer Retention, Growth, Order Size, Product Diversification, Cross-sell, and Reactivation.

 Hosted Marketing Database - Db 360 Square 
Marketing Database

A custom designed multi-layer database with real-time or batch data integration and hygiene as well as normalized and de-normalized datamarts.
- Custom Database Design with Transformations, and Summarizations
- Multi-source Data Integration
- Address Hygiene and NCOA
- Email Hygiene, ECOA, and Email Append
- Data Enhancement, Geo-coding, Radius Append
- Data Quality, Robust audit processes, and Anomaly Detection
- Custom Reporting, Campaign, and Analytic Data Marts                         

 Enterprise Reporting and BI - Report Square 
Reporting and BI

A Metrics and Measurement Strategy, Standard Report Library, Custom Reports and an Enterprise BI and Reporting application to create ad-hoc reports:
  - User friendly drag-and-drop GUI
  - Multi-table join options
  - Complex, hierachical selections
  - Sort, filtering, aggregation
  - Multiple Export options
  - Public and private report folders
  - Advanced scheduling and Email notification                                       

 Campaign Management - Campaign Square 
Campaign Management

An Enterprise Campaign Management and Marketing Automation platform designed to  create and evaluate complex multi-channel and multi-wave campaigns including direct mail, email, text, and phone.
  - Multiple-criteria selections and multi-level joins of data
  - Filtering, sort, and random selection functionality
  - Proportional control groups and sample size calculator
  - Advanced scheduling, Email notification, and automated publish to ftp
  - Powerful metadata layer for campaign evaluation on multiple dimensions and metrics.
  - Sophisticated segmentation options 

 Automated Model Scoring and Management - Model Square 
Model Management

A suite of custom-developed models and segmentation schemes along with automated model refresh, profiling, exploratory data analysis, model evaluation and model diagnostics to increase campaign profit.
  - Analytic Data Mart Development
  - Custom Models - Segmentation
  - Dynamic Model Scoring Engine
  - Automated EDA
  - On-demand Model Profiles
  - Automated Model Diagnostics                                                           

 Email Management and Digital Integration - Digital Square 
Email Management

An integrated closed-loop digital channel application for creation, execution and evaluation of email, mobile (SMS), RSS, social media, and web campaigns.  
  - Content Management and WYSIWYG Editor
  - Personalization and Dynamic Content
  - Spam probability Testing and Scheduling options
  - Automated Multivariate Testing of Assets, Subject Lines, Names
  - Social Engagement Tracking
and Performance Reports for Microsites and Email 
  - Closed Loop Integration with Marketing Database                               More>>

 Strategic Consulting 
Strategic Consulting

Thought-leadership and best practices consulting from industry leaders to optimize an integrated CRM practice.
  - CRM Roadmap
  - Data Model Design and Data Mart Structure
  - Data Strategy
  - Metrics Strategy
  - Advanced Analytics Strategy
  - Enterprise Testing Strategy, Campaign Strategy & Review
  - Digital and Social Integration                                                           

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