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 Advanced Analytics 

Data Square's team members are leaders and pioneers providing industry thought leadership in the Data Mining and analytics arena. Team members are authors of bestsellers such as The Data Mining Cookbook, Education Chair of ANA's Data Sciences and Analytics Committee, Faculty members at premier universities such as NYU and UConn, ANA's CRM and Database Marketing Seminar leaders, program advisory board members for major analytic conferences such as the NCDM, judges for DMA's Analytics Challenge and other competitions, and speakers at national conferences on topics such as Big Data Analytics.

Analytic Techniques 

Through sophisticated data mining and advanced analytics based on statistical techniques and artificial intelligence techniques as well its own proprietary techniques, Data Square has helped clients realize incremental lifts ranging from 5% to 500%. Sample techniques:

  • Regression
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Time Series
  • Neural Networks
  • Bayesian Methods
  • Big Data
  • Text Mining

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Analytic Applications 

Data Square excels at integrating advanced analytic solutions with data-based strategic initiatives throughout the marketing and selling loop. Just a few of the sales and marketing applications optimized by analytics include:

  • Campaign Optimization
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer Reactivation
  • Customer Growth and Cross-sell
  • Lifetime Value
  • Marketing Mix Optimization
  • Prospect Optimization
  • Text Mining

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Analytic Technology 

Model Square - An advanced analytics application that allows users to manage, evaluate, diagnose, and rescore models, segmentation schemes and product recommendations.

  • Dynamic Model Scoring Engine
  • Automated EDA
  • Automated Predictor profiles
  • On-demand Model diagnostics
  • On-demand Model Gains Charts

Analytic Data Mart - A vast array of custom variables created from transformations and summarizations across multiple tables are aggregated into a single mart designed to optimize all analytic initiatives.

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